Building a Tenor Guitar – Part 25

Follow along as I build a tenor guitar. In this video see how the neck is aligned with the guitar body and the carbon fiber reinforcing bar is epoxied into the neck.

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2 Responses to Building a Tenor Guitar – Part 25

  1. The Other Randy says:

    I see the plans call for the carbon fiber rod. Two questions:
    1) Where did you get the carbon fiber rod?
    2) Is the thought that with the mortise and tenon joint any future neck problems can be addressed at the joint instead of via truss rod because the neck will be rigid enough? Just curious as it’s certainly simpler!

  2. Randy Price says:

    The carbon fiber neck rod is from Stewart McDonald

    There are some the swear by the carbon fiber reinforcement and some say only truss rods will do – some use both – I’ve found strong opinions for all three scenarios on the web.

    I went with the carbon fiber rod because the blueprint called for the reinforcing rod instead of a standard truss rod and because it is a simpler design. The downside is I can’t do an adjustment as with a truss rod – my thought is with only 4 strings and the carbon fiber reinforcement I shouldn’t see too much neck movement. Time will tell.

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