Building a Tenor Guitar – Part 28

Follow along as I build a tenor guitar. In this video see how the neck and heel profiles are shaped.

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7 Responses to Building a Tenor Guitar – Part 28

  1. Bob says:

    Glad to see you’re back!

  2. The Other Randy says:

    Looking good! Was starting to worry I might catch up to you. Bending the sides this weekend so little chance of that.

  3. xsayler says:

    Very glad to see you back! I was starting to worry, glad to know you’re ok. Got plans for the barn wood yet?

  4. Randy Price says:

    Thanks guys – started working on Part 29 – right now I’m laying out a template for cutting the fret slots.

  5. Barrie Eaton says:

    Hope the barn salvage went well and glad to see you’re back on the Tenor project.
    Fascinating, so inspiring I ordered my Tenor plans last week.

  6. Randy Price says:

    Hi xsayler –

    I’ve built a few small items from the barn wood – after I wrap up the tenor guitar build I plan to do some projects posts using the barn wood.



  7. Randy Price says:

    Hi Barrie –

    Glad to hear you will building a tenor guitar. I just received a fret slot saw I ordered so there will be another video soon on slotting the fret board and attaching it to the neck.



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