Stepped Depth Cutting Jig for the Router Table

With this jig you can make your router table behave like a plunge router.

Having the ability to easily make multiple shallow cuts on the router table will improve the quality of your work with smoother, cleaner cuts and will extend the life of your router and router bits.

In the video below see how to make and use a jig that allows you to make a series of shallow, increasing depths of cut on the router table without readjusting the router bit depth.

Benefits of Multiple Shallow Cuts

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An Improved Router Table Base

I originally designed this router table to fit on an existing table for a base. After using it that way for some time,  I  came up with some improvements  I wanted to make which included a new base.

In video below see how the new router table base was developed and the other improvements that were made  to the Low Cost Versatile Router Table.

The improvements are included in the Router Table Plans for a Low cost Versatile Router Table

See other woodworking plans available on the Woodworking Plans page.

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Router Table Plans

How to Build a A Lost Cost Versatile Router Table

This router table is inexpensive to build, easy to use and has the flexibility of those costing many times more.

With it’s wide flat top and plenty of overhang it has room to attach your shop jigs to perform just about any operation you would want to do.

The unique and convenient hinged top makes it a breeze to change router bits and adjust the bit height.

An 18 page plan set in PDF format is available for instant download on the
Router Table Plans page.

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