How Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian Houses inspired a Modern Corner Lamp

A clerestory is a wall with a band of narrow windows along the very top.

Frank Lloyd Wright used the clerestory windows to great advantage in his Usonian period houses with a continuous band of windows at the top of a wall immediately below the ceiling line, giving the ceiling the illusion of floating above the wall.

In this video see how the Wright’s clerestory windows served a inspiration for the Clerestory Corner Lamp.

Where to find Frank Lloyd Wright Plans

Frank Lloyd Wright Plans are difficult to find. I’ve added a new page I call “The Definitive Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright Plans on the Web“.

There I have assembled links to all the Wright-related woodworking plans I am aware of along with my experiences in building some of them. Where I have experience with multiple plans for the same design, I’ve offered my opinion on the plan I would choose.

If you know of any other plans I have not listed, please let me know and I’ll add them to the page.