Stepped Depth Cutting Jig for the Router Table

With this jig you can make your router table behave like a plunge router.

Having the ability to easily make multiple shallow cuts on the router table will improve the quality of your work with smoother, cleaner cuts and will extend the life of your router and router bits.

In the video below see how to make and use a jig that allows you to make a series of shallow, increasing depths of cut on the router table without readjusting the router bit depth.

Benefits of Multiple Shallow Cuts

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Two New Uses for Loose Tenon Joinery – Part 1

The loose tenon is often used as a substitute for the mortise and tenon because in comparison it is quick and easy to make and is nearly if not as strong. The loose tenon can replace other joints as well and in the next two posts I will give examples of two new uses of the loose tenon joint.

New Use #1 – Substitution for a Cope and Stick Joint

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