Workin’ With What You Got – Part 3


No – not that kind of jig – I’m talking woodworking!

Workin’ With What You Got – Part 2 covered the importance of accurate and repeatable 45º angles – one of the defining features of the Taliesin Lamp.

In part three we look at cutting key slots to reinforce the miters and making some specialized jigs to cut and mill some unusually shaped pieces which form the Taliesin lamp shade frame using the table saw and a very basic router table  made from shop scraps and cut-offs – continuing the theme of workin’ with what you got.

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Workin’ With What You’ve Got – Part 2

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

In Workin’ With What You’ve Got – Part 1  I made the point that many woodworking operations can be accomplished through creative thinking and using tools you already have. In part 2 I continue with some tips on how I approached building the Taliesin Table Lamp, including some photos of the tools and jigs I made.

A prominent feature of this lamp is all the 45 degree splined mitered corners. I do not have a miter saw and find the miter gauge on my table saw is not very accurate. Also, in order to build the square base all four sides must be exactly the same length to get tight miter joints.

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Workin’ With What You’ve Got – Part 1


Sometimes when watching the TV woodworkers one gets lulled into the thought “I could make that too if only I had the tools he has”. Then rolls the credits after the show and you see it is sponsored by the companies of same brand tools he was just using.

When contemplating a specific project, instead of thinking what you don’t have and why you can’t build it, approach it by considering what operations you need to perform and how you can do them with what you already have.

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Vertigo Wall Shelf

The Vertigo Wall Shelf is a classic expression of a clean contemporary vertical shelf design and takes its cues from the Ptolomeo bookstand by the Italian designer Bruno Rainaldi.

Variations of this design can be found on the modern furniture web sites both as free standing  and wall mounted shelves.

This version is an excellent choice for a weekend project as the materials are inexpensive, it requires very few tools, and is simple to build.

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