3 thoughts on “Building a Tenor Guitar – Part 12”

  1. Nice idea with the sanding box, did not see that coming. I’m hoping to build the taper into my form using tapered spacer blocks sandwiched between top and bottom ply. Then I can flush cut to the bottom of the form (actually slightly proud). I’ll glue on the kerfing and sand both to the final taper using a radius dish. I think in your case you can get away with not attaching the kerfing before sanding to final dimension because you’re using a flat top and back, yes?

  2. Yes – next I’ll attach the kerfed lining, slightly proud of the sides and then sand the lining down flush with the sides. Building the taper into the form is a good idea – there is often more than one way to accomplish the same result.

  3. I was (over) thinking on it a bit more. Decided to build the form square, then attach a riser the size of the desired taper at the neck end of the form, causing tail and neck block to be the same height from the table. Then use the drill press cutter to cut the taper. As you say, yet another way the cat is skinned.

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