Building a Tenor Guitar – Part 42

The Final episode of Building a Tenor Guitar!

Hello and welcome to the video series Building a Tenor Guitar at My name is Randy Price and this is the final episode of Building a Tenor Guitar.

In this episode I’ll explain how the tenor guitar is tuned, the selection of guitar strings, show how they are installed and do a demo of the guitar sound.

At the end of this episode I have a couple of special announcements so be sure to watch this one all the way through.

6 thoughts on “Building a Tenor Guitar – Part 42”

  1. Hi Randall, Personally, I loved the guitar building series, but I understand that your target audience may enjoy projects of a simpler nature. I recently built a thickness sander using plans from shopnotes, and had an absolute blast making it. Perhaps making tools for the shop would be a good thing, although you probably have already done so. How about a DIY wood vise? That’s my suggestion. I too am in your age bracket (62) and have lost a significant amount of weight. It started when my wife and I purchased a Vitamix and we made veggie and fruit smoothies to consume as our main source of food for quite a while, but we have settled for a more balanced diet. I lost about 30 pounds during that period. Are you aware of the absence of audio on your tape episode 42? The sound drops off at 6:27 minutes, then comes back at 9:26, off again at 13:15, then on at 13:39, off again at 21:08, then back on at 26:05. You probably already know but I thought I ought to mention it.

    • Hi Steve –

      I’m glad you enjoyed the guitar series. You’re right in that it wasn’t the typical project for my target audience and I did lose some viewers because of the length and complexity of the project. The diy wood vise does sound interesting. I’m glad to here you lost so much weight.

      I was not aware of the sound issue – I checked my video and the loss occurred when I exported the mp4 from my video editor. I am re-exporting and uploading the video now.

      Thanks for your kind comments and suggestion,


  2. Randy, I came to your video series late via Jay Bates’ “Interesting Stuff from Around the Web” weekly compilation. The building of your guitar is way beyond my capabilities but I found it fascinating.
    I think your fitness channel idea has merit. I’d be interested in following it. Over my lifetime (I’ll be 69 in a few weeks) I have probably lost and gained more than my current body weight and so I know from experience that losing the weight is just the beginning; keeping it off is the key and more of a challenge. The ongoing support that a channel like you’re suggesting could be very helpful.
    In health,

    • Hi Steve –

      I’m glad you found the guitar series & enjoyed it – I didn’t know Jay had it on Interesting Stuff from Around the Web – I’ll be sure to thank him.

      I appreciate your feedback on the fitness channel idea – I know many struggle with keeping the weight off once it is lost.



  3. I watched this video series up through episode #34, and kept check back for months to look for #35. I hate to admit that I eventually gave up. I was listening to NPR the other day and someone mentioned tenor guitars, so I pulled Plank&Plane back up and was thrilled to see the rest of the series had been posted! I just binge watched the remaining episodes and need to compliment you on how well the guitar turned out, it looks great!

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