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  1. I am interested in the information on dieting and a healthier lifestyle. I am beginning cardiac reha next week. I had a heart attachment in June. Prior to that I have had THREE strokes since last October. I am still under doctors care. I am a diabetic now as well which is being controlled by diet at this time. I want a better quality of life and a healthier one too,

    Monte D.

  2. Hi Monte –

    That is alot to go through in the last several months – it sounds like you’re taking some positive action with your diet and cardiac rehab. Thanks for sharing your comments,


  3. Congrats on losing the weight. Please share whatever info you have. I’m about 25 lbs overweight, so I have my own goal to reach.

    • Hi Joe –

      Thanks for the comment. Here is a resource that helped me a lot in my weight loss:
      There is both the ebook and audio book and they are free.
      Paul Akers is a pretty interesting guy – he also has a book called 2 second lean about lean manufacturing (also free) and owns the FastCap company. He is also a woodworker and guitar builder.
      He was an inspiration for me in that someone close to my age was able to lose a significant amount of weight & get fit. He’s got many YouTube videos if you search for them. Stay in touch & let me know how your weight loss goes.

      Thanks again,


  4. Randy,
    Just found your blog through a woodworkers app. You video about making a router table is what brought me to your site.
    Any Congratulations on achieving your goal, I have lost roughly 25 lbs since Dec. But still need to loose a lot more but as a disabled Veteran exercising is rather difficult.
    Anyway I look forward to exploring your site more. Thanks for what you do.
    As for projects I would be interested in learning more about the router and what it is fully capable of in a table setting.
    Thanks again and keep the sawdust flying,

  5. Hi Tim –

    Congratulations on losing 25 Lbs. – that is quite an accomplishment. Also – thanks for your comments on the site and about projects you would like to see. I appreciate the feedback. I find I use the router to some extent in most projects and will definitely do more posts about using the router.

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